Monday, July 29, 2013

Monday Muscle: Week 3

     Guess what! We made it to the last Monday Muscle before our 30 Day Challenge! I hope you are ready to start picking things up a bit! Don't fret though, we'll work our way in slowly. Starting next Monday, our 30 Day Challenge will take the place of our Monday Muscle and we'll add a second workout to the week. This challenge will run through the first week of September.  I hope you will continue to follow along and post your results along with us!

Without further ado....your third Monday Muscle:

     50 Butt Kickers
     30 Plies
     30 Oblique Crunches
     25 Wall Push ups
     10 sec Arching Low Lunge

     Fabulous job once again! I hope you all enjoyed Monday Muscle and I hope to see you for our 30 Day Challenge! Let me know how you are progressing! Keep up the good work! We'll see you next week for the big challenge!

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