Tuesday, January 14, 2014

The Big Move

     I feel like I can finally announce this now that the pieces are falling into place! The next stop on our adventure is a permanent move to Portland, Oregon! A few months back I accepted a full time position at Doernbecher Children's Hospital in their NICU on night shift.  Their unit is very similar to the facilities I've traveled to, just twice the size! I'm really excited to get grounded again but at the same time sad to be leaving my friends here in Nebraska!

     For roughly the last 16 months we've been moving every 3 months to a place we've never seen and basing our decisions off what the housing department gives us. Each time we show up with minimal expectations and hope for the best. This hasn't always worked for us initially but in the end we seem to get it all worked out.  So now we prepare to move across country to a place we've never been and to a townhouse we've never seen in person. I will admit that our new landlords have been fabulous and took the time to talk to us about the area and give us some pointers. I was almost giddy when we FaceTimed to do a virtual walk through! (Technology is great isn't it!)

     The most exciting thing for me will be decorating and furnishing our new place! My hope is to put my sewing machine to work and my husband's building skills (and pinterest) to furnish our new place. As we go I will do my best to document along the way and keep you posted on our progress!  Next month is going to come far too fast and be sooo exciting! Stay tuned for more!

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