Wednesday, June 25, 2014

Hair ties and Headbands

     So we've all seen those cute elastic hair ties and headbands that are way over priced and super simple to make.   I decided to venture out and make my own rather than spend a fortune on something so simple. Here's what I learned:

  1. It takes a minute and a half to make one!
  2. I don't get massive amounts of hair stuck in them when I take them out. 
  3. I still can't make a headband stay on my head for anything!
  4. I would kill myself if I had paid full price for them!
  5. $1.99 makes 1 headband and 2 hair ties.
  6. The 5/8" really is the best for hair ties.
     Now the big question is do I venture out to attempt to make a headband that stays or just stick with the hair ties that work? No doubt I have 5 million other patterns on Pinterest to try!  For anyone wanting to venture out and make their own, here's what I did.  Cut 9" elastic, put ends together and tie,  "melt" ends with lighter (or candle if you can't be trusted with a lighter)!  For headbands I tried 19", but I don't know if that's too long or short for my head.  I'd love to hear any advice and I'll let you know if I stumble upon a solution!  

     In other happy news, I have a new power cord for my sewing machine so more home goods are on the way!

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