Welcome to The Unscripted Journey! I'm Bethany and I'll be your tour guide!...(crickets chirp) So tour guide might be a little cheesy, but I would like to let you know a little bit about how I got started.

     One might say I'm a social media junkie. I have way too many pins on way too many boards on Pinterest and spend far too long on Facebook. Well instead of continuing to waste time and creative energy, I thought I'd put those hours to good use! Why not share it all with readers like you!

I've always been a busy body and if there wasn't an activity to go to, I was looking for a new project to get into. I love fashion and the latest trends but hate to pay top dollar prices. I always look for ways to DIY instead of paying full price. (Although I do have a few guilty pleasures that I will pay top dollar for because they're fabulous) My poor husband is always shaking his head at me when I've taken over the living room with my latest project. I hope you enjoy the antics that are sure to come from sharing projects and insights on  my favorite things!

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